The moon’s cycle, in concert with the nine planets, creates the universal magnetic field. This continuum is responsible for all life and all that grows. It is through our magnetic field, the whole of physical reality continues to express itself and to be experienced. Without such a field, even the air would cease to circulate, with all else becoming motionless. Ancient Vedic Science explains that the Earth, Moon and interplay of gravitational forces are inseparable from the microcosms within ourselves. Therefore, any increment of change to a single unit of the external universe, down to the atom, will be faithfully mirrored within.

In the study of Vedic Healing Hands with Swami Umesh Yogi Ji, we will learn to consciously reconnect with these magnetic principalities, initiating self healing in the cleansing of resistance, blockage and stagnation, while planting potent seeds for new growth. We begin our class with lecture and explanation, moving on to a grounding meditation in preparation for the practical aspects, followed by initiation and moon mala. The workshop concludes with a Blessing of ourselves, awareness brimming in our newly cultivated hands.