Indian Yoga Classes

Yoga, a pristine sagacity art which is an integral part of Hinduism has been practiced since ages in India. Derived from the Sanskrit word, "Yuj"; "Yoga" is a blissful way to refresh & rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit.

Generally, yoga helps in transforming an individual to gain the full potential beyond into spiritual consciousness. Yoga is not only about stretching, twisting or bending; indeed, it is a personal development art, a way of living. The best thing about yoga is, it doesn't follow any religious dogmatic philosophies.

Yoga mainly aims at making a complete self-developed individual.

The life, we are living presently is totally busy, even one cannot get time for himself/herself. We all are bereaved of yoga and personal development. Yet, we live a luxurious life but of no use!

Many make the perception of yoga as a "life of sanyasi (Hermit)", who lives in the Himalayas and do Tapasya (penance) and all, but that's not true!

Indeed, yoga is a way to vanquish the evil within you and attain a state of liberation! When your mind is surrounded by yogic thoughts & views, then you see everything positively, your life will be illuminated. For all the human calamities, yoga is the best remedy.

Yoga is a vast ocean of knowledge, one who swam in that ocean, can achieve the ultimate bliss of life!

Yoga in India
The root of yoga is in India, it is a place where it all started; "Homeland of Yoga". Since ages, yoga has been introduced and practiced in India in order to free body, mind & spirit from unnecessary or negative thoughts.

Now, people are becoming aware of the power & magic of yoga and as a result, they visit and study yoga in India. Not just 1 or 2, there are lots of historical & traditional institutes/centres of yoga in India that keep practicing and teaching it.

These yoga schools offer a perfect amalgam of traditional & practical yogic knowledge. Keeping the requirements & limitations of an individual as a priority; yoga schools in India committed to sharing the vast yogic knowledge of yoga in a favourable & pleasant environment.

With over various styles or forms of yoga (Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Yin Yoga, Power yoga, Therapeutic and Restorative yoga), India is the optimum choice for yoga in the world.

Talking about yoga teachers in India, they aware students with the constant perusal & silence of yogic truth. They guide their students to live a blissful life amidst the deciduous nature of life.

All the yog gurus in India followed the rules & protocols of yoga created by Hindu God, "Shiva" (Adiyogi).

Visit India to experience the fun & bliss of practicing yoga!

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