Prana is the ever present and primordial energy which vivifies all of creation. Sadhana is that practice which helps us to improve our level of consciousness. Therefore, Prana Sadhana is a method of gaining consciousness through the universal life force, to bring healing in all aspects of our being. Since the breath is intimately linked to all aspects of human experience, we can continually elevate the entirety of ourselves through it's mindful cultivation. When our practice of respiration is well cultured, we will experience calm, clear and content states of mind throughout our daily activities. It is from this However, under the rigors and draw of modern living, it is very easy for us to create an impersonal relationship with the miracle of our own breathing. Improper breathing disrupts the naturally relaxed rhythms of the brain and body, leading to physical, mental and emotional blockage. These afflictions, in turn, will invariably lead to inner conflict, imbalanced personality, a disordered lifestyle and finally disease.

Prana Sadhana helps to establish consciousness within the patterns of our breath, thereby integrating subsequently negative cycles and reversing all previously debilitative processes. Prana Sadhana grants conscious control of our breath, freeing the body and mind of stress while unlocking our potential for a vividly creative mind. Some of the practical benefits from practicing Prana Sadhana are: Managing high-stress environments, Relief from Chronic diseases, Maintenance of healthy lungs and heart, Deepened meditation practice, Increased digestion and metabolism, Relief from stiffness, heaviness or sluggishness, Integration of emotional blockages or difficulties, stabilization of mood and energy.


Prana means life energy, breath is a sign of life and Sadhana is the practice to improve the level of consciousness. Prana Sadhana is a practice of personalized pranayamas (breathing exercises) to increase the flow of energy in your body, mind and soul. Every experience effects the flow of breath. When the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady but when the breath is still, the mind attains peace. Breathing is how we supply oxygen (prana) to our body. This makes breathing is one of the most vital functions in our life.

Pranayama is one of the pillars of Raja Yoga, (breath development) which promotes better health by purifying the body and nervous system. Prana Sadhana is all about discovering the vitality that we receive from breathing. Prana sadhana is free from any kind of religious beliefs. It is the pure, practical knowledge of healthy nature.


Some of the benefits of Prana Sadhana are:
Managing high-stress environments
Relief from Chronic diseases
Maintainance of healthy lungs and heart
Deepens meditation practice
Increases digestion and metabolism
Relief from stiffness, heaviness or sluggishness
Emotional blockages or difficulties
More energy