How Secret Yagyas Remove Obstacles To Help You Live in Harmony

Vedic yagyas are traditionally performed to create positive effects and avoid unwanted effects at different times of life and to have the best possible nature support. We use the Vedic word because yagyas are based on the knowledge of the ancient saints of Vedic tradition.

Vedic yagyas are secret ceremonies by our specially trained Brahmins. Brahmins are experts in the field of Vedic ceremonies, performances, and live their lives’ according to the ancient tradition.

Yagyas are based on the secret science of creating specific results or effects for people, things or places. This is the divine music of the Vedic vibrations. You may be thinking it is possible to use yagyas as prevention, but, it is also possible to use them for promoting life.

A Yagya is a purification ceremony for karma (past-action). When we live our lives we create karma (actions), thus, these actions create results, some positive some not so positive. When we perform yagya we are purifying our past actions (karma) so that the life flows with natural and blissful for tomorrow. We then have a much clearer mental, emotional and blessed physical space.

The benefits of the yagyas are health, wealth, harmony and spiritual evolution. Our head pandit priest is an expert of Jyotish, a Vedic Astrological Science used to predict the life events of individuals and is used for suggesting the necessary yagya services and times for a balanced life.



Your Birthday Yagya is held on the day of your birth or a day near your birthday that would be favorable for you. While it might be easier to perform a generic yagya and call it a day, we design each Birthday Yagya for the individual to ensure best results.

In our Yogic Vedic Culture, it is shown that when we perform Yagyas on this day then our beloved God blesses every aspect of our life. The Shanti Pooja and Fire Homa is how we can thank our deity for the blessings and purification in our life. The worshipper in reverence to the beloved God, Goddesses and deities offer the Yagya.

By performing the birthday Yagya, the worshipper (you) receives help in attaining bliss and clarity in the upcoming year. Our birthday is the most important day in our lives whether we Vedic yagyasare thirty, sixty, one hundred or two years old. After the Havan Ahuti (fire ceremony) is completed, clothes and sweets are distributed to the needy. The Yagya is devoted to Shree Ganesha and Maha Lakshmi.



Performing this Yagya on birthday helps in getting a good beginning of the coming year.
This Yagya increases the success and happiness of a person or family.
The person gains the good health and career growth by performing a Birthday Yagya.
There is no need to be present for Yagya.

Anyone can gift a Yagya for beloved ones or for yourself. The ceremony can be done on the same day of your birthday or later according to a favorable muhurta (astrological time).